Every night I slip under the covers
with my eyelids heavy and my muscles strained
while my limbs sink into the mattress without finding relief
and every night I toss and turn because the storm raging inside of me
refuses to calm down and settle for a while.
Every morning I wake up
with my eyelids heavy and my muscles strained
they are aching
and my bones refuse to hold me up
while my body betrays me
and wants nothing more than to go back to sleep.
The blood in my veins has long been replaced by exhaustion and tiredness
and I have forgotten what it feels like to be awake years ago.
As I walk through the day,
my body tired and aching,
I feel nothing but pain and fatigue
and I’m a mess
because my body is tired,
so tired,
and there’s no relief, no escape,
there’s no life left in me
and I’m tired,
just so tired
because my soul carries a burden
it can’t bear any longer.